Christina Anstead Introduces 'Newest Member of Our Family,' and He's Just Adorable

Christina Anstead is expanding her family, albeit in a different manner. She just purchased a new dog, which she showed off in a recent Instagram post. Anstead revealed that her French bulldog, Cash, will now have a new companion.

Anstead posted a photo that showed her wearing a New York Yankees hat and holding a puppy in her arms. The new dog is a fluffy Rottweiler, which she procured from Von Ruelmann Rottweilers, a breeder and importer of the German dogs. The Von Ruelmann account posted several photos that showed Anstead picking up her new puppy. She also held Biggie's father, Nitro, on a leash to complete the experience.

"Too cute not to share. Meet the newest member of our family - Biggie. We are all obsessed and in love," Anstead wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. The fans saw the photo and responded with several excited comments. They proclaimed that dogs make the best pets and that they are great for cuddling.

Longtime fans of Anstead knew about Cash and had questions about how he would welcome the new addition to the family. Biggie has already met his new fur-brother, which the HGTV host showed on Instagram. She posted a video that showed the young rottweiler standing in his new backyard while Cash ran laps around him at a frantic pace. The French bulldog ultimately ran headfirst into Biggie, knocking him on his side.

While she is busy welcoming the new fur-child to the family, Anstead is also gearing up for a hectic future. She and her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa recently announced that they would return for another season of their house-flipping show, Flip or Flop. HGTV renewed the show, which the former couple announced on their respective Instagram accounts.


"My goal was always a decade of tv. It's a big accomplishment in this industry and something [Tarek El Moussa] and I are both proud of," Anstead wrote on social media. "It has been one hell of a ride. I love the fact that [daughter Taylor, 10, and son Brayden, 5] will get to look back at this journey and watch themselves grow up."

Additionally, Anstead will also have another show in production for Discovery+. She will provide insight into her life with Christina: Stronger By Design. According to the description, Anstead will set out on a new chapter of her life and will reflect "on what inspires her as she as rethinks her own home's design, including a bedroom refresh and a beautiful tablescape for her backyard."