Chrissy Teigen Mocks Turnout of Donald Trump's July 4th Concert

President Donald Trump held an Independence Day party at the White House on Saturday, despite the fact that public health officials raised concerns about the affair. Alas, it didn't seem as though very many people actually attended the event, as photos and videos from the occasion showcased as much. Even Chrissy Teigen commented on the fact that the president's Fourth of July party did not have many individuals in attendance.

On Twitter, Teigen posted the now-viral video that showcased the Army cover band singing a rendition of Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk." When the singer in the clip panned to the audience in order to get them to sing along to the track, plenty of empty seats were shown. Teigen captioned the video by writing that Trump "HATES" that his event had that many empty seats. She then sarcastically told her followers to not share the video as it will upset the president. The Lip Sync Battle co-host, who has frequently voiced her disapproval of Trump and his administration, is one of many people who mocked the low turnout rate for the president's July 4th festivities. Some users even pointed out that President Barack Obama actually got Mars to appear at the White House's Independence Day party in 2015, making the recent festivities all the more interesting to watch in retrospect.

Even though the United States is still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, the White House forged ahead with their Fourth of July party on Saturday. The White House did share that they were taking precautionary measures due to the health crisis, as USA Today noted. They reportedly handed out face masks and hand sanitizer to guests who did come to the event. But, even though they did take these safety measures, Rep. Don Breyer, a Democrat from Virginia whose district includes the suburbs of Washington D.C., criticized the fact that the party would still be going on amidst the pandemic.


"The President, as he has since February, continues to insist that the virus will simply disappear, and the Administration's response continues to be guided by wishful thinking," Breyer said. The representative went on to accuse Trump of "using the military to stage yet another costly political photo op." He added that the president's approach is "not a strategy for ending a pandemic."