Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Expand Their Family With Furry Addition After Death of Dog Pippa

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have welcomed in a new addition to the family amid Teigen being in the "cancel club" after her bullying drama. After the death of their beloved dog Pippa, they've taken in a new puppy named Pearl. The adorable basset hound couldn't look any cuter in the photos both Teigen and Legend shared to their Instagram accounts, with Teigen adding how excited she is for Legend to get a taste of the breed of dog she grew up with and loves so much.

"Pearl has touched down into the legend/teigen/stephens household! We love this little girl so much already but I will admit, she has definitely taken to John first!! Penny is obsessed with her so it's been fun watching the adventures of penny and pearl unfold," she captioned alongside an adorable slideshow of photos. "I grew up with Basset Hounds so I can't wait for John to see this bouncy, no-bones, jello mold of skin grow into the stubborn logs of love I love so much. Excited for this new little heart to add love to our home. Swipe for ear magic."

The mom-of-two then informed her fans that Pearl's name has more meaning than just being a cute one. She decided to go with Pearl in honor or Pippa and shared a little note to her late dog in the comment section of her own photos. "Pippa - we hope you love her name. A tribute to you! You were always an iconic, different lady when your pearls were on. I'll never forget they shattered in front of you and you sunk into a funk for weeks until we bought you a new one lol." The Voice judge also took to his Instagram account to share cute photos of their new addition, captioning it with, "Meet the newest member Pearl!"


Earlier this month, Teigen took to her social accounts to share the sad news that her 10-year-old pup had "just died in my arms." She described the French bulldog as a "sassy broad" who "loved her pearl necklace and never took s— from ANY new dog we brought in. ur dog with Sade, a tour dog for years. we loved her so much." Much like her recent post with Pearl, she also gave a nod to their other English bulldog, Puddy, who died in 2018, in her caption to Pippa saying, "We love you, sweet girl. I know you're giving puddy hell up there. Thank you for giving us your whole life."