Chrissy Teigen Blasts Megyn Kelly and Troll for Attempted Criticism of Joe Biden

Chrissy Teigen, never shy about engaging with others on Twitter, was involved in a social media spat with Megyn Kelly following her comments on president-elect Joe Biden. On Sunday morning, the former Fox News anchor responded to a tweet put out by Biden, “Written like a man who’s been in his basement for a year.” That’s when Teigen decided to jump into the discussion.

“Where have you been? Aside from not on your own show since you got fired and all,” clapped back Teigen, who soon went on to slam a troll that attempted to criticize the model and author's take. "Actually using her brain cells for something other than trolling everyone that doesn't agree [with] her on Twitter," the Twitter troll wrote. Teigen replied, "She is literally doing that right now. Literally. [laughing out loud]," to which the troll continued that it's "not trolling if it's truth homegirl." The last bit might have set Teigen off as she ended the conversation most sharply: "It's also the truth she got fired, "homegirl."

Since the election was called by networks after Pennsylvania turned blue in favor of Biden, Teigen and her husband, John Legend, have joined the masses across the country in celebration. Over the past four years, the couple has each had their own exchanges with the president. They were seen interacting with a crowd of people in West Hollywood to take in the big moment on Saturday. She also has remained active on Twitter in expressing her thoughts on Donald Trump being voted out, one of her tweets even mentioning that she is looking forward to the faux-wall out front of the White House being removed, the garden being fixed and the return of dogs to the Oval Office.

Likewise, Legend has been just as active in sharing his feelings on everything that has transpired. Having taken part in a Biden rally in Pennsylvania previously, the “All of Me” singer thanked the City of Brotherly Love for the role it played in turning the state blue, “Thank you, Philadelphia, for showing up for democracy in such an epic way!”


Another of his tweets saw him call out Trump for “inflicting harm on his fellow Americans” throughout his four years as president. He reminded everyone that the left plans on healing the country, a sentiment echoed by Biden during his acceptance speech on Saturday night.

In his victory rally, Biden stressed the importance of healing America amid a raging COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest. Speaking not just to his supporters, Biden also explained how he will be governing for everyone, not just for Democrats, and bringing the sides back together after the divide that was created during Trump’s term.