Chris Brown Responds to Rape Allegations

Chris Brown has reportedly responded to rape allegations, after being detained by police in Paris, France.

According to The Blast, Brown maintains that he is completely innocent in the situation, stating that he was in the hotel where the alleged crime took place but that he was in a different room and not present for the encounter.

Brown was initially held by police after the unidentified woman filed a complain that the singe raped her.

The outlet notes that if the investigation moves forward then Brown could potentially be charged with "aggravated rape and drug infractions." However, it's also reported that two other unnamed individuals were also detained by police in connection with the crime.

The woman who has accused Brown alleges that she was introduced to the singer at Le Crystal on Jan. 16 and then went back to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel with him.

Police investigators only have two days to decided if they want to file preliminary charges, or else they have to let him go.

Notably, this is not the first time Brown has found himself in the headlines over legal issues, as he famously was arrested in 2009 for assaulting Rihanna, a multi-Grammy award-winning singer and his then girlfriend.

Over the years he faced a number of other assault charges, and has even spent time behind bars for probation violation related to violent crime.

In March 2018, while Brown was Miami, Florida, a photo surfaced that showed him with his hands wrapped around the neck of a woman and many were quick to presume this might be assault related.

Brown's lawyer, Mark Gergaros, defend the singer, telling reporters that the incident was taken out-of-context and that the photo merely depicted two friends goofing off while hanging out together. "She's a friend. It's obviously playful as she confirmed. Whoever invaded their privacy will be held accountable," he explained.


Brown also addressed the photo personally, taking social media to playfully tell his side of the story. "THANKS for all the publicity today," he said on Instagram. "Y'all know damn well I ain't going down that road. There is no need to even defend myself on this matter. Everyone that's around me (girl/guy) are my HOMIES. NO FOUL PLAY. NO IGNORANT S—. END of discussion."

At this time, no one from Brown's camp appears to have issued a formal statement on the potential rape charges in Paris, but it is possible they are waiting until the police make a formal decision.