Chris Brown Reportedly Suspect in Battery Investigation After Incident at His House

Chris Brown is under investigation for battery following yet another allegedly violent incident at his home. According to a report by TMZ, Brown hosted a party at his home in the San Fernando Valley in California this weekend. Police were called to the scene by a woman who claimed that Brown had slapped her with serious force.

Law enforcement sources told reporters that they took a battery report and named Brown as the suspect this weekend, but no arrests were made. They said that the alleged victim had no serious injuries, but her weave was knocked off in the scuffle. So far, Brown and his representatives have not answered other outlets' requests for comment on the incident. This incident is far from the first time Brown has been accused of violence against women — especially at his increasingly infamous house parties.

Insiders predict that this new case will be handled by the City Attorney, and would constitute a misdemeanor charge. However, they also considered it likely that there would be no charges at all. The whole thing could be handled out of court or dropped altogether.

Brown's legal issues have practically overshadowed his music career at this point after years of arrests and allegations. It began in 2009 when he was dating singer Rihanna, and he was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats against her. Brown insisted on his innocence at first but eventually took a plea deal and pleaded guilty in exchange for a light sentence of community labor, probation and domestic violence counseling.

Brown entered a drug rehabilitation treatment in the midst of that probation, but he was kicked out of the facility for violating internal rules and sent to a local jail. He was ordered to stay in jail for violating his probation, and during this time in custody, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder, which counselors believed were at the heart of his various brushes with the law. Court documents about this episode were published by The Hollywood Reporter at the time.

Some of those other legal entanglements included violent brawls with other rappers and their entourages, including Drake in 2012, Frank Ocean in 2013 and a fight with two fans on the street later that year. He finished his probation in 2015 and in August of 2016, a story similar to the one from this weekend came out.

At the time, a woman called the police to report that Brown had threatened her with a gun during a party at his house. According to a report by The Washington Post, police arrived without a warrant, and Brown denied them entry, but even when they returned with a warrant, he barred the door. There was an "hours-long stand-off" that followed, during which Brown took to Instagram to rave against the police and the reporters outside.


As a felon, it was illegal for Brown to own a gun at all, but when police finally got inside, they found nothing. Those charges were ultimately dropped, but the story was harder to shake. It may be harder than ever now that this weekend's allegations strike such a similar note.