Chris Brown's Accuser Suffers Brutal Eye Injury

Chris Brown is being sued over a brutal eye injury that a backup dancer claims she suffered on the set of one of his music videos. In photos shared by TMZ, the accuser, Danielle Griffin came forward with images showing her red, swollen eyes, covered in a green-colored discharge. She claims that the eye injury was caused by fake blood that got in her eyes when she was filming the 2017 music video. She states that the video's wardrobe and makeup artist was the one to pour the substance down over her head, which is how it seeped into her eyeballs.

See the photos from TMZ here.

Griffin enlisted the help of lawyer Arshia Mardasi — of the Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie law firm — who told TMZ that the dancer had to seek medical attention at three different hospitals in the span of 24 hours in order to get her eye injury treated.

Mardasi also claims that Griffin was forced to remain secluded while she healed, which led to her missing job opportunities as well as having to drop out of a master's degree program she was enrolled in. Many people on social media have been commenting, with several of them pointing out that he continues to be a very controversial figure.

"Its disgusting how his fans and fellow musicians enable and forgive this violent brute who has a long history of beating women," one person commented. "How many free passes does he get? sick of the immorality & hypocrisy from arists (sic) who work with him."

Brown has not been without his defenders, however, as some have pointed out that the accusations specifically cite the makeup artist as the person who poured the liquid over Griffin's head.

"The article before this explains that it was the makeup person poured the fake blood on her head telling her it was safe," one person tweeted. "So its not Chris Browns fault it's the makeup person that did this. Why are they blaming him? Why not the managers that paid this makeup person?"


Brown has reportedly not addressed the situation publicly at this time.

Photo Credit: Getty Images