Charlize Theron Reveals She Tried 4 Different Kinds of Drugs 'a Long Time Ago'

Charlize Theron has revealed a lot about herself during her press tour for Long Shot, her upcoming comedy with Seth Rogen. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Thursday, which she and Rogen attended with their mothers, Theron admitted to trying a handful of illegal drugs in her younger days.

During a round of "Which Mother Knows Best?" with Theron's mom, Gerda Maritz, and Rogen's mom, Sandy Rogen, Cohen asked Maritz, "Aside from weed, what other drugs did Charlize admit to trying?"

Without hesitation, Maritz replied, "All of them!"

Theron, 43, confessed that her mom was "pretty close," before holding up a sign that read, "Molly, acid, mushrooms and cocaine."

Seth, 37, burst into laughter, while Cohen, 50, gave Theron a high-five. But the Mad Max: Fury Road star took a moment to clear the air.

"By the way, that was a long time ago and I don't do that anymore," she interjected. "Very long time ago."

Three days prior, Theron said on the Howard Stern Show that she "used to be, like a wake and baker in my 20s." But by the time she reached her 30s, she "was no fun on it anymore."

"I didn't get paranoid. I just became a bore," she explained on the SiriusXM show on Monday. "I only wanted to eat. I just wanted to lie there. I just became so antisocial."

Earlier this month, Theron revealed to Entertainment Tonight while promoting Long Shot that she was "shockingly available" to date, and was just waiting for someone to "step up."

Theron said that in real life, it's hardly a "long shot" for someone who wants to date her, unlike in the film, where Rogen plays a man who courts his childhood love and former babysitter (Theron), who is now running for president.

"I've been single for 10 years, it's not a long shot. Somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up," she said. "I'm shockingly available."

"She's out there," Rogen piped up.

"I've made it very clear," Theron insisted.

Her last public long-term relationship dates back to 2002, with Stuart Townsend. They met on the set of the film Trapped and dated until 2010. She was engaged to Sean Penn in 2014 but they split in 2015. Theron adopted a son in March 2012 and daughter in July 2015.


Long Shot hits theaters on Friday, May 3.

Photo credit: Phillip Faraone / Stringer / Getty Images