Channing Tatum Reportedly Already Seeking Dates Amid Jessie J Breakup

Channing Tatum is looking for love, and he won't let a recent breakup slow him down. The Kingsman star, who just parted ways with singer Jessie J earlier this month, has turned to online dating. According to Radar Online, Tatum has created an account on the celebrity-friendly dating app, Raya.

"He's been very active on it," a source revealed. "Nobody can quite believe he's moving on so quickly. Fans were really rooting for him and Jessie as a couple but no doubt he's getting plenty of matches for dates before Christmas. It doesn't look like he's nursing a broken heart or thinking about patching things up with his ex, and it's likely Jessie's friends have already seen the profile as the app."

It was reported that Tatum began dating Jessie J last year, while he was still in the midst of a divorce from his now ex-wife Jenna Dewan. Despite the couple announcing their separation in April of 2018, the divorce was only finalized last month. And the two are still in a legal dispute over custody rights to their daughter, Everly.

In November, Tatum had asked that a counselor meet with them once a month to help schedule time with their daughter, as well as assist them with any co-parenting issues. Dewan dismissed the request as simple "grandstanding" on her ex's part, and that she had already signed off on a schedule. It's been reported that she agreed to some of Tatum's requests, but not all, hence the counseling request.

Despite issues with Dewan, Tatum recently returned to Instagram after briefly signing off over the summer so he could "get inspired and create again." Since returning to the photo-sharing platform, he's chronicled Everly's impressive sparring skills, as well as shared some photos of a father/daughter date to the Frozen stage musical.


While both Tatum and Dewan have adhered to their policy of protecting their daughter online, she has also shared some photos of her daughter. This includes a recent pic of her winding down with Everly, captioning it the "best way to end the day."

The newly-single Tatum recently reprised his role of Lego Superman in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Next, he's set to voice founding father George Washington in the animated comedy America: The Motion Picture.