Catherine Zeta-Jones Sets Comments Section on Fire With Post Teasing 'Shower at 42 Thousand Feet'

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently took to Instagram to tease fans that she would be taking a 'shower [...]

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently took to Instagram to tease fans that she would be taking a "shower at 42 thousand feet," and the post has set her comments section on fire. In the selfie shared on Friday, Zeta-Jones is seen laying in bed with white sheets pulled up around her.

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"Going to be taking a shower at 42 thousand feet on Emirates airlines today," she wrote in the caption. "Keep you posted."

Many of her followers and fans have since commented on the post, with one writing how she is "the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." Many other fans have showered Zeta-Jones with compliments of her beauty by posting fire and heart-eyes emojis.

While many have praised the actress for her gorgeous looks, others seemed more preoccupied by the notion of showering in a plane, as one fan commented, "Oh my god I'd be terrified of turbulence and falling out."

"Is it comfortable to take a shower in the A 380? Hope for no turbulence," another added.

Someone who claims to have taken a shower in a plane before offered their opinion: "It's a weird and wonderful experience... remember to take the body wash in with you from the stand [cause] the water only works when you lock the door."

Zeta-Jones, who has been married to fellow actor Michael Douglas since 2000, she sat down with Hoda Kotb on the Today show last year to speak about their relationship and family dynamic in the wake of sexual assault allegations against Douglas, which he has since strongly denied.

"Both Michael and I have a very open relationship," she said. "When you have kids that didn't ask to be born into a world where it's scrutinized or looked into. You've got to be open and honest and share things that probably people at the drugstore wouldn't share over the counter."

"We share everything around the table," Zeta-Jones later added. "I'm a big, European, kind of family girl and so everything is shared around the table: issues with my daughter if she's feeling insecure – she's a teenager and girls can be mean — and my son just going off to college, what that is for him, what it is for me because I never let on how I much I miss him terribly because he's having such a great time. So all of these conversations get around the table and so then I think you clear the air and everyone knows what's going on, there's no surprises."