Carrie Ann Inaba Health Update Revealed After 'The Talk' Exit

Carrie Ann Inaba is staying 'positive' amid her recent leave of absence from The Talk. The TV [...]

Carrie Ann Inaba is staying "positive" amid her recent leave of absence from The Talk. The TV personality announced Monday she would be taking some time away from the talk show in order to focus on her health. While Inaba has not yet provided any further details regarding her decision, a new health update provided by a source claims Inaba is currently experiencing autoimmune "flare-ups."

Speaking with PEOPLE, the source told the outlet the host "is very in tune with her body" and is "taking this time to focus on her health." After she began to experience "some recent flare-ups," the source said, Inaba made the decision to take "this time to remove stress and focus on her body and its healing is important." Inaba is remaining "really positive" through her health struggles and "has always put her health first." The source added that "rather than suffering through a flare-up, she is sharing that you can be open and honest about autoimmune issues which in turn helps others not be afraid to ask for the time and tools they need to heal."

Inaba suffers from multiple chronic illnesses, previously revealing that she has been diagnosed with Sjorgren's syndrome, which the Mayo Clinic reports can cause dry, burning eyes and dry mouth as well as joint pain and swelling and stiffness. She has also been diagnosed with lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis. In a post shared to The Carrie Ann Conversations, her online wellness platform, in February, the 53-year-old revealed she also has "the markers for antiphospholipid syndrome, which can lead to blood clots." Inaba wrote that "going through life with an autoimmune condition… can be a difficult process" and "coping with autoimmune conditions can sometimes feel quite lonely."

"When I first got diagnosed, some encouraged me to keep my struggles to myself, but I've found that it's always been better, to be honest about my needs and realities than to stay silent," she shared. "I believe strongly in sharing my journey, my solutions, and the things that have helped me with anyone who could use it — this is how communities are formed."

Inaba's The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood was first to share the news Monday that Inaba would be taking a leave of absence "to focus on her well-being." Inaba later shared a video to social media confirming her time away from the talk show, telling fans that "health is the most precious gift we have" and she needs "to take care of mine." Inaba added, "I hope to be back soon! Ready for action!" At this time, it is unclear when Inaba will return.