Carmen Electra Still Stunning at 48 as She Resurfaces for 'The Last Dance' Documentary

After seeing her latest public appearance in BET's The Last Dance documentary, many fans are stunned by how well Carmen Electra has aged. The actress appeared candid and comfortable in the new feature, yet fans marveled at how good she looks — and how effortless it appears. Many wondered what the 48-year-old's secret is.

Electra has been taking it easy in the last few years, with just an occasional TV or movie appearance here and there. Many fans may not have seen her work in several years — perhaps a decade — so they were surprised to find that she looks unchanged by the passage of time. Some on Twitter pointed out this shift.

Electra is back in the public eye these days thanks to The Last Dance, the docu-series tracing Michael Jordan's final championship season with the Chicago Bulls. She is featured largely because of her involvement with NBA star Dennis Rodman, who was Jordan's teammate at the time. Electra dated Rodman through the late 1990s, and even married him in an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rodman filed for an annulment nine days after marrying Electra, saying that he was of "unsound mind" when he made the commitment. She seemed to agree, telling PEOPLE Magazine at the time: "It's easy to get caught up in a moment. You think it's romantic, but then you realize, God, we did it in Vegas? It's like getting a cheeseburger at a fast-food restaurant."

Electra and Rodman reportedly left things on "amicable circumstances" in the end, and continued to be friends afterwards. However, the documentary shows that it was not always that simple, as Electra said that dating Rodman during that season was "definitely an occupational hazard."


Electra has been opening up about their relationship outside of the documentary as well. In a new interview with The Los Angeles Times, she remarked on how emotional it has been to watch The Last Dance. She also revealed one scandalous anecdote where she and Rodman got intimate on the Chicago Bulls' basketball court.

"One day when the Bulls had an off day from practicing, Dennis said he had a surprise for me," she recalled. "He blindfolds me and we get on his motorcycle. When he finally takes my blindfold off, we're standing at the Bulls practice facility, center court. It was crazy, like two kids in a candy store. We were eating Popsicles from the fridge and pretty much having sex all over the damn place — in the physical therapy room, in the weight room. Obviously on the court... To be honest, I don't think he's ever worked out so hard in his life." The Last Dance is airing for the next three Sunday nights in a row on ESPN.