Cardi B 'Really Upset' Over Botched Song Release: 'The Devil Has Been Working'

Cardi B released her hotly-anticipated new single, "Up," on Friday. Unfortunately, some of her fans ran into issues when they went to try to listen to it on Apple's iTunes app. On Instagram, Cardi B addressed her fans' concerns in a video and even directly shared how they can access the song.

Cardi B explained that she's been "upset" over the fact that her fans have not been able to access "Up" on iTunes. She even said that she was working hard on her end to try and come up with some kind of solution. "I'm really grateful for the music video, it's turning out amazing. I'm really upset right now, the devil has been working really f—ing hard, let me tell you,” she explained in the video. “I know people are having troubles finding the song on iTunes. I don’t even think the music video is up on iTunes yet. I don’t know who dropped the ball and gave in - or didn’t give in the song to iTunes, but I’ve been working, I’ve been calling people on the label all night.” At that point, Cardi's daughter Kulture interrupted to ask her mother a question and the rapper briefly responded. She then continued, "Just make sure y'all check it out on all streaming services." In Cardi's caption for the video, she noted that she included a link to the song directly on her Instagram Story.

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Cardi released "Up," and an accompanying music video, on Friday. It is the rapper's latest release since she came out with the incredibly popular "WAP" last summer. Both of these tracks are expected to be featured on Cardi's upcoming album, which will reportedly drop sometime this year. During a recent interview with Zane Lowe for New Daily Music on Apple Music, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper even opened up about the work that she's already put into that album.

“I really wanted to put out an album last year, but it was like, ‘I feel like I don’t have the right songs,’” she told Lowe, per Complex. “I have recorded so many songs. I think I’ve got like 50 songs recorded, and I’m just still not satisfied. If I’m not satisfied, I’m just not satisfied, but I really want to put out an album this year. I feel like I have no choice now. Now, I feel like I exceeded my limit of holding. I just need to stop with the fear.”