Camille Kostek Talks Launching Swimsuit Line, Future in Movies (Exclusive)

Camille Kostek is making a name for herself in the TV and film world. But after appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit multiple times, the 30-year-old model, actress and TV host is now a successful businesswoman as she has her own swimsuit line. In an exclusive interview with, Kostek talked about how her swimsuit line helps women find that perfect outfit for the summer. 

"This is why I ended up creating a swimsuit line," Kostek exclusively told PopCulture. "I did it because it's so much time. It takes about a year to create a line. And I'm all about quality and having this feel like second skin. And I wanted to have, especially the second collection, a variety of coverage of styles from one pieces to cover-ups to resort wear to even co-ed sweatshirts to those little bikinis and then the bikinis that have a little bit more coverage, high waist, high hip, but the whole range and a whole range of sizes. And that was something that was so important to me, doing a collaboration, because Swimsuits For All is about inclusion before that word became popular. And this really meant something to me." 

Kostek's swimsuits can be found at Swimsuit For All which offers "swimwear for all women between sizes 4-40," according to the website. Kostek went on to say that not only women can find the right swimsuit for them but they can get it at a reasonable price. "The most rewarding part of it all is seeing people in the suits feeling good, getting those messages, those emails, DM's," she said. "Even at launch in Miami, seeing girls show up in my swimsuits and styling them up in their street style is exactly what I made this line for. Supposed to be from beach to street. I don't want you to just wear it on the beach, I want you to wear it every day. You need to get a bang for your buck here. So some reversible pieces. It's a lot. It's a lot of good stuff, and I hope everyone can find something that they love."

Along with her swimsuit line, Kostek is looking to appear in more movies after the success of Free Guy. Her next film, Monsters of California, was filmed in 2020 and has yet to receive a release date. After that, Kostek is waiting for the next opportunity to be on the big screen again. 


"I'm just hoping right time, right place, to stick that next feature film role, because I'm ready," Kostek said. "I have so much fun. I think acting is probably one of the most challenging jobs for me because I'm still learning so much, but I love that. I've talked to you about this before. I don't like being complacent. I love challenging [myself] and definitely acting does that to me."