Camille Kostek Teases Potentially Appearing in 'Free Guy' Sequel (Exclusive)

Free Guy was a huge hit over the summer, which has led to a sequel getting the greenlight from 20th Century Studios and Disney. Ryan Reynolds, the star in Free Guy, is ready for the sequel, but who else will join him? recently caught up with Camille Kostek who plays Bombshell in Free Guy and was asked about being in the sequel if it does happen. 

"No hesitation," Kostek said. "Absolutely. It's so much fun. I just want to do it again every day. The team, Shawn [Levy], the second ADs, the producers, everyone was just... It was such a treat. Oh yeah, such a treat. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it and being able to live out the role of Bombshell. I am ready to have her character develop, and Free Guy 2, for sure. So I'm ready to go. Ryan, let's go."

Free Guy tells the story of Guy (Reynolds) a non-player character in an open-world video game who realizes his situation and has to save his friends from deletion by the game's creator. The movie has action, drama and comedy, leading to a ton of praise from fans and critics. 

"I've seen the film now five times," Kostek revealed. "I love it so much. And I know that even if I didn't make an appearance in the film, this is a movie that I would continue to go back and watch. Because so many of my friends and my family or strangers, are always tweeting or talking about or commenting or doing movie reviews about how they've seen it so many times. And that makes me so happy to hear, because obviously selfishly being a part of it that's definitely a big reason why I went back."

Kostek was seen throughout the film including the opening scene with Channing Tatum, which was a surprise for viewers."I didn't know who Bad Guy was," Kostek said about filming the scene. And so Shawn [Levy] had finally said, 'Did you hear, did you get word of who Bad Guy is, the other actor in the scene?' And I said, 'No, who is it? Can you tell me?' And he said, 'Well, Channing Tatum.' And I was like, I need a minute or two or five minutes. Because the little fangirl in me... I could not hope for that. So luckily, I think I had like four or five days to just really be like play cool, play cool. No, it was definitely an exciting moment to find out the news and then another exciting moment to be on set with him. And he's another one. So funny in person, so personable, so easy to talk to. I can't say enough great things about working on set with everyone."