Busy Philipps Diagnosed With Sunburned Eyes After 10-Hour Photo Shoot

Busy Philipps found herself in the emergency room on March 20 after feeling what she described as "shards of glass" inside her eyes. Philipps shared her scary situation on her Instagram Story, explaining that she had participated in a photo shoot all day on Monday and after eating dinner that night, the pain only got worse.

"I can barely see straight. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow," the actress said. "I'm having some sort of crazy allergic reaction. I can't open my eyes. It feels like there's shards of glass." She planned to try and sleep and head to the doctor the next day, but the pain was so bad that Philipps found herself heading to the emergency room on Monday night.

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The actress was officially diagnosed with photokeratitis, which occurs after the eyes are overexposed to UV rays. "Hey guys, is it cool that we just spent four hours at the emergency room for my eyes? I have photokeratitis," Philipps said.

"I sunburned my eyes from my photo shoot today," she continued. "I was just saying though it's so on-brand I get one big magazine cover and I do one photo shoot and I burn my eyeballs … You gotta be careful when you're on photo shoots or on yachts."

The mom of two was referencing CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who was affected by the condition in 2012 after spending time on a yacht in Portugal. Cooper went blind for 36 hours.

In a post on Instagram, Philipps shared a photo of herself in the hospital along with a caption letting her followers know she was okay. "I'M FINE! This is just my vibe, guys!" she wrote. "Spent last night at Cedars after I couldn't sleep because it felt like there were shards of glass in both my eyes. I have Photo Keratitis from bright lights/sun exposure! WHO EVEN KNEW THAT WAS A THING?"

By Tuesday morning, Philipps was on her way to recovery, laughing with 9-year-old daughter Birdie, who said, "That's mom, she's got thick skin, stomach problems and sensitive eyes."


This story was originally published March 21, 2018.