Britney Spears Vacations With Boyfriend Sam Asghari Following Conservatorship Hearing

Britney Spears and boyfriend Sam Asghari are spending time relaxing in Hawaii after the pop star's bombshell testimony in court last week speaking out against her conservatorship. Spears and her longtime beau were photographed spending time together in the sun in Maui after arriving on the island Thursday — see the photos here. A source close to the singer told PEOPLE, "Britney is excited to be back in Hawaii. It's her favorite place. She can't get enough. She would move there if she could."

Asghari's career in Los Angeles makes that move difficult at the time being, but the two were happy to get away for at least a few days amid Spears' court battle. "This past week was very stressful for both of them. They are trying to enjoy a few quiet days together," the source added. Last week, Spears spoke in court for the first time against her conservatorship, comparing her situation to sex trafficking and saying her father, Jamie Spears, should be in jail for what he's done to her.

"I've lied and told the whole world I'm OK, and I'm happy. It's a lie," she said. "I thought, just maybe if I said that enough, maybe I might become happy because I've been in denial. I've been in shock. I am traumatized. You know, fake it till you make it. But now I'm telling you the truth, OK. I'm not happy. I can't sleep. I'm so angry, it's insane, and I'm depressed. I cry every day."

Spears added that she wanted to marry Asghari and have a child but was not permitted to remove an IUD from her body or get married by her conservators. "I want to be able to get married and have a baby. I have an [IUD] inside of myself, so I don't get pregnant. They don't want me to have children - any more children," Spears alleged. She also told the judge she wanted a break from the spotlight to do whatever she wanted instead of being forced to perform.


"I deserve to have a life. I've worked my whole life; I deserve to have a two to three-year break and just, you know, do what I want to do," she shared. "I want changes, and I want changes going forward. I deserve changes." Jamie Spears' attorney said in a statement to the judge following his daughter's testimony, "He is sorry to see his daughter suffering and in so much pain. Mr. Spears loves his daughter and misses her very much."