Britney Spears Officially Files to Remove Dad Jamie Spears as Her Conservator

Britney Spears has officially filed to have her father, Jamie Spears, removed as her conservator, a move she had been requesting since her explosive appearance in court last month. PEOPLE reports that the singer's new attorney, Matthew Rosengart, filed documents on Monday, July 26 asking Judge Brenda Penny to remove Jamie as Britney's financial conservator and replace him with Jason Rubin, a certified public accountant at Certified Strategies Inc, to manage her estate.

"Ms. Spears respectfully submits that the Court should appoint her nominee; in that, it is an objectively intelligent preference to nominate a highly qualified, professional fiduciary in this circumstance," the documents state. "Moreover, Ms. Spears respectfully submits that, given the Court's recognition at the July 14, 2021, hearing that Ms. Spears has sufficient capacity to choose her own legal counsel, she likewise has sufficient capacity to make this nomination."

Vulture shares that the court filing states that Britney currently has $57,396,852.36 of assets and property including $2.7 million in cash. Rosengart noted in his filing that Rubin's appointment would be necessary should the court approve Britney's concurrently filed pending petition to remove Jamie as his daughter's conservator of her estate. If he is approved, Britney wants Rubin to have control over "the power and authorization to pursue opportunities related to professional commitments and activities including but not limited to performing, recording, videos, tours, TV shows, and other similar activities as long as they are approved by the conservator of the person, the Conservatee's medical team," among other things.

Jamie has been Britney's co-conservator since her conservatorship was established in 2008 and was briefly her sole conservator in 2019 after lawyer Andrew Wallet resigned as co-conservator. Later that same year, Jamie stepped back from controlling his daughter's estate and Jodi Montgomery was appointed as Britney's conservator of the person.

In late 2020, Britney's former attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, filed a petition to have Jamie removed from the conservatorship, but it was denied this month by Judge Brenda Penny, who appointed Bessemer Trust as Britney's co-conservator. Bessemer immediately filed to be removed from the case after Britney's appearance in court, stating that they believed the conservatorship was voluntary, which Britney's testimony contradicted.


Following the July 14 hearing in the case, Rosengart told reporters that he would be "promptly and aggressively" moving for Jamie Spears's removal. "The question remains why is he involved," Rosengart said. "He should step down voluntarily, as that is in the best interests of Britney Spears consistent with the law of conservatorships." The next hearing in the case is scheduled for Dec. 13.