Bobby Brown Furious With Chris Rock on Social Media Over 'Crack' Joke

Bobby Brown is not happy with Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke about the late Whitney Houston and her drug use.

Rock reposted a meme featuring Houston that was already going viral on Monday. The mostly innocuous post showed Houston sitting inside with her sunglasses on with a deadpan expression, and featured the caption: "Me sitting in a meeting that could've been an email." Rock pushed the envelope on this sentiment, relating it to Houston's substance abuse issues.

"Hurry up I got crack to smoke," Rock added to the meme.

(Photo: Instagram @chrisrock)

The post was met with generally unfavorable responses from fans, and Brown, Houston's ex-husband, was especially displeased. He left a couple of comments letting Rock know he was out of line.

"During this time of women empowerment you chose to use your time to try and humiliate our QUEEN!!!" Brown wrote.

"I thought you was a friend of the family."

Others called Rock out for the post as well, and sided with Brown as he tore into the comedian. Houston struggled with drug addiction for much of her life. She passed away in 2012, when she drowned in her bathtub. At the time, there was cocaine in her system.

Rock deleted his post as the responses began to heat up, though screenshots continued to circulate on social media. On Twitter, many people decried his flippant joke, including many fans and some prominent voices as well.

"I was already disappointed in Chris Rock (who I've known for years) for finding humor in Louis C.K. [and] Ricky Gervais' use of the n-word," tweeted TV pundit Elgin Charles. "Now he's making fun of my dearly departed friend, Whitney Houston, on IG. Addiction is NOT a laughing matter."

"I'm so disappointed in Chris Rock [and] that Instagram post w/ Whitney Houston on it," another person wrote. "It's crazy because all those celebrities were laughing along [with] him. Definitely didn't have the balls to say to her face when she was alive. I'm glad Whitney will be remembered more than all of them."


Rock has yet to address the outrage over his post about Houston, or respond to Brown publicly. However, his latest post is still getting angry comments about it. Rock put up a tribute to late director John Singleton on Monday, and while many fans mourned alongside him, others called him a hypocrite for making light of Houston's struggles.