Bobbi Kristina Brown's Ex-Boyfriend Nick Gordon Dead at 30 from Drug Overdose: Family Statement Revealed

Nick Gordon's brother is speaking out following news of Bobbi Kristina Brown's ex-fiancé's death of a heroin overdose on New Year's Day. The 30-year-old's brother's Jack Walker Jr. confirmed the news of the celebrity's passing in Florida Wednesday. Reports claim Gordon suffered multiple heart attacks after being taken to intensive care and doctors were not able to revive him.

"We are devastated by the loss of my beautiful brother," Walker Jr. told PEOPLE in a statement. "He leaves a void in the hearts of my family and his friends. Nick's battle in life was not an easy one. I will be forever grateful that my God afforded a small moment at the very end of Nick's life, and I was able to hold his hand as he journeyed on."

Walker Jr. also confirmed the news of his brother's passing on Facebook shortly after news broke. He first wrote a brief message writing, "GOD WHY I DID I HAVE TO LOSE MY BROTHER ON NEW YEARS" and "All I can do is cry."

In a separate post, he wrote: "I love you so much big brother I hope you heard me talking to you at your bedside you are with me and I can feel it I love you I love you I love you watch over me and your nieces."

"S— wasn't suppose to go like this... you were [my] best friend and I never in a million years thought I'd be writing this for my ACE I was there through every step we all love you no matter what and we'll all stay strong for you, New Years didn't have to start like this and you just told me you HAD to see me for New Years but I'm blessed I got to talk to you last night you will forever be my best friend nobody will ever take your place."

Gordon's death comes three years after he was found liable in the wrongful death case of Whitney Houston's daughter, his ex-fiancée Bobbi Kristina Brown. Brown was found unconscious and unresponsive with drugs in her system in the bathtub of the Georgia townhouse she shared with Gordon in 2015.

After being found liable, Gordon was ordered to pay $36 million to her estate.


Gordon was also involved in serious legal drama in recent years stemming from his girlfriend Laura Leal accusing him of physical abuse. After claiming they had been in a physical altercation, Leal said under oath it had not happened.