'Blue Bloods' Alum Nick Cordero's Wife Says He Remains 'Profoundly Weak,' Can't Speak Amid Coronavirus Fight

Actor Nick Cordero is "profoundly week" after 85 days in the hospital, his wife, fitness trainer Amanda Kloots, revealed in a new Instagram post Thursday. The former Tony-nominated Broadway actor can use his eyes to answer yes or no questions and has been able to move his jaw when alert. Cordero has been in the intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles since late March. He was hospitalized for pneumonia and he tested positive for the coronavirus. In late April, he tested negative for COVID-19, but his health struggles have continued.

"Nick is profoundly weak," Kloots wrote in an Instagram post, alongside an old photo of the couple together in New York. "Imagine how you feel getting the flu and how it can take your body a full week to recover. Now imagine how Nick's body feels, all that he has gone through and how long it will take him to recover. This will take time, a long time." The 41-year-old can answer yes or no questions with his eyes. Although he can move his jaw when he is alert, he still cannot move the rest of his body.

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According to Kloots, Cordero has suffered "minor blood infections," which have caused "little blood pressure issues" that his doctors have brought under control. His ventilator "settings are getting better and his numbers are trending in a better direction," Kloots wrote. "He is relatively stable." Still, Cordero's condition feels "defeating," she wrote.

"I wish I would walk into his room and he was able to give me a big smile and hold my hand," Kloots wrote. "But instead of feeling defeated, I turn to feeling determined! I give him any and all energy I can. I tell him goals that the doctors would like to see. I insist that he CAN do this!" Outside observers might find her "crazy" and think she does not fully understand her husband's condition because she sings and smiles in his room every day. That is not the case though.

"I'm just not going to mope around and feel sad for myself or him," Kloots wrote. "That is not what Nick would want me to do. That is not my personality. I fight and I will continue to fight for Nick every single day. With God on our side, anything can happen!"


On Wednesday, Kloots told fans following her Instagram Story that Cordero had a "new infection" his doctors had "under control," reports PEOPLE. His doctors were "switching some things out" to help. "They don't think there will be any kind of issue for the progress that we're, hopefully, making day by day," she said.

Kloots and the former Blue Bloods actor are parents to 1-year-old son Elvis Eduardo. On Friday, Kloots was finally allowed to be with Cordero and shared a photo of herself holding his hand in the hospital. His family started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help with his medical bills, and have so far raised over $580,000.