Blake Lively Fans Totally Miss the Joke on Her 'Makeup-Free' Selfie

Blake Lively is receiving some major hate on Instagram, but it seems her followers totally missed the joke.

The Gossip Girl alum shared the below very touched-up throwback photo of herself from 2007. She sarcastically captioned the "au naturale" look, which is where the confusion is stemming from.

"Just a little [makeup free] selfie to round out the year," Lively wrote.

Just a little #makeupfree selfie to round out the year. #2007 #aunaturale 😳

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Despite the obvious contradiction in her post, Lively was met with a wave of hate in the comments. Many commenters thought she was trying to pass off an edited photo as natural.

"Stop lying to your fans that's a full face of makeup," one follower wrote.

Another commenter added, "I love her, but how is she pretending this is makeup free when her nose is clearly drawn on to make it look thinner?"

Despite this hate, Lively obviously has a chorus of fans who got the joke. Numerous followers are defending the actress in the comments, and the photo has received more than 1.4 million likes.


Lively has shared several more photos since this one blew up with no mention of the confusion in the comments.