'Big Time Adolescence' Star Griffin Gluck 'Would Love' to Join Pete Davidson on 'SNL' (Exclusive)

Actor Griffin Gluck "would love" to join his Big Time Adolescence co-star Pete Davidson for an appearance on SNL, he told PopCulture.com in an exclusive interview. The young actor is on the rise and has his eyes on the cultural touchstone that is NBC's Saturday Night Live. If his new friendship with Davidson got him there, he says he would not turn it down.

Gluck spoke to PopCulture.com this month ahead of the release of Big Time Adolescence, an indie film that has been getting buzz for over a year now. He co-stars with Davidson, one of the youngest SNL cast members in the show's history, and now one of its biggest stars.

SNL has had more celebrity guests than ever in recent years. Beyond the usual hosts and musical guests, the show has had stars walk on for one skit or cold open when they're in town. With his prodigious Netflix resume, Gluck might be a good fit for that kind of work, and he is definitely interested.

(Photo: Sundance Institute)

"Yeah, are you kidding? That would be sick!" Gluck said when asked about the idea. "I'm never going to turn down the opportunity, like that's still something I would love to do."

Gluck added that the thought had crossed his mind before, especially when it comes to the possibility of hosting the live show. He said that he hoped to be the show's youngest host in history, but when he looked it up, he found that he was already too late.

"For a while in my mind, I was like, 'Man, you know what the dream is? To be the youngest person to host SNL.' And then I found out that — who was it? Was it Drew Barrymore? — someone hosted SNL when they were nine. I found that out and I was like, 'Nah, you know what, that's not it for me,'" he said with a laugh.

In fact, Barrymore was the youngest SNL host of all time, headlining a 1982 episode when she was 7 years old. Other child stars have hosted the show over the years as well. Still, Gluck would be a strong contender for the job, with a universally beloved list of credits and a patient sense of comedic timing.


Gluck has a lot to promote right now, including Big Time Adolescence, which is available to stream at last on Friday, March 13 on Hulu.

At the same time, Gluck is also out promoting his latest Netflix original series, Locke & Key, which remains near the top of the streaming service's new Top 10 list feature. He also has a new movie on the way called Dinner in America. Hopefully that is enough to hold fans over until Davidson can get Gluck on the SNL stage.