Beyonce And Jay Z Still Dealing With Premature Birth Issues, Sources Say

The babies are here, but it looks like there could still be some issues ahead for Beyonce and Jay Z.

According to TMZ, the new twin babies of the Knowles-Carter family are still in the hospital, after being born two weeks ago.

Sources familiar with the situation claim that, as of four days ago, the two infants still hadn't left the hospital.

The same reports say that the babies are "under the lights", meaning that that they are getting treated for jaundice, the result of elevated bilirubin issues.

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Aa far as anyone knows, the medical problems currently ailing the twins shouldn't pose any long-term threats. None of it seems to be that serious. It looks as though the doctors just didn't want to release the babies until they were stabilized and fully healthy.

The release date for Beyonce's twins - a boy and a girl - is still unknown. Hopefully, the babies will enjoy a speedy recovery, and head home with mom and dad very soon.


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Getty / Lester Cohen