Beth Chapman Warns 'Someone's About to Have a Very Very Bad Day' in New Tweet

Beth Chapman recently warned that "someone's about to have a very very bad day" in a new tweet, and she may have been right.

Earlier this week, the reality TV star took to Twitter to send out the ominous message.

She also tagged WGN America and added a hashtag for Dog's Most Wanted, her new show with husband Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman.

(Photo: Beth Chapman / Twitter)

The warning seems to have referred to a bust that Chapman and Dog recently made, as they apprehended one of the country's most wanted fugitives.

Per a press release from Dog's Most Wanted producers, Dog, Chapman and their new team known as the "Dirty Dozen" tracked Leonard Trujillo Jr. to Rocky Ford, Colorado and busted him.

(Photo: Dog's Most Wanted)

"This guy's record is horrendous," Dog said of Trujillo Jr. "He has terrorized this peaceful town enough. He tried to run – but you can't hide from me! We are making America safe again, one city at a time."

According to the press release, on the "12-day epic manhunt across southern Colorado, Dog and his team tracked Trujillo who was wanted for multiple violent offenses, and has a mile-long rap sheet including armed robbery, assault on a police officer, bank robbery, drug charges, and forgery."

"Capturing the suspect Trujillo also lead to the arrest of four others," the press release continued. "Trujillo was taken to Arkansas Valley Medical Center to be treated for minor injuries he sustained while trying to elude Dog's team."

"It was also a family affair as Garry Boy Chapman, Dog's youngest son, had a hand in helping his dad apprehend the suspect," the press release added. "It was a tough fight but Dog, a Colorado native, could not be shook by the seasoned fugitive. No one has more experience that Dog Chapman when it comes to chasing dangerous criminals!"

While there is not any footage of the capture at this time, fans will most likely be able to watch the bust on Dog's Most Wanted.


Regarding the new reality series, Dog was previously quoted as saying of it, "Crime in America is skyrocketing! Criminals are finding it easier to avoid the system. With more and more dangerous criminals running the streets the time couldn't be better for the World's Greatest Network to bring back the World's Greatest Bounty Hunter. Fugitives beware!"

At this time Dog's Most Wanted does not have an announced premiere date, but is expected to debut next year.