Ben Stiller's Family Friend Gives Update on 'Seinfeld' Star Jerry Stiller's Health After Hospitalization

Jerry Stiller, Ben Stiller's father and beloved sitcom actor, is doing well after his recent health scare, a family friend says.

Stiller is known for portraying some of the most iconic dads in sitcom history, including George Costanza's father on Seinfeld and Carrie Heffernan's father on The King of Queens. On Jan. 10, the 91-year-old actor was hospitalized, and while details are still sparse, a family friend told PEOPLE that he is doing better.

"He is doing well and will be home this weekend," they said, shortly after Stiller's health scare. In all likelihood, that means that Stiller is home by now, although there have been no new updates since the week he was taken to the hospital.

Stiller has a star-studded resume going back to the 1950s. Some of his most beloved credits are more recent, however, as he has taken parts in some of his son's blockbuster comedies. Stiller played modelling agent Maury Ballstein in Zoolander back in 2001, and reprised the role in 2016 for the long-awaited sequel. That is the last credit listed on Stiller's IMDb page.

The actor's life has been slowing down in the last few years, after he lost his wife, Anne Meara in 2015. Meara was 85 years old, and had suffered multiple strokes.

“Anne’s memory lives on in the hearts of daughter Amy, son Ben, her grandchildren, her extended family and friends, and the millions she entertained as an actress, writer and comedienne,” the Stiller family said in a statement.

Stiller and Meara were married in 1954, before Stiller was a star of the screen. They performed sketch comedy together for many years, and made it all the way to The Ed Sullivan Show. This lasted through the 1960s. Years later, as Stiller gained new renown as a sitcom father, Meara did the same as a mother.


Meara played Miranda Hobbes' mother-in-law on Sex and the City, appearing across multiple seasons and delighting viewers. She also joined Stiller for nine episodes on The King of Queens, and even got to appear in one of her son's movies, Night at the Museum.

So far, Stiller, his family and his representatives have offered no updates on his condition.