'The Ranch' Star Ashton Kutcher and Wife Mila Kunis Launch Quarantine-Themed Wine to Aid in Coronavirus Relief

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are kicking quarantine practices up a whole new level with one of the most creative ideas yet amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, Kutcher and his wife of five years shared with fans on social media that they have created their own wine during nationwide stay at home orders, with all proceeds of the sales going to charities the couple has personally chosen to help in providing relief. Launching the new quarantine-themed wine created with the help of Nocking Point, the That '70s Show stars shared video of the Oregon Pinot Noir while dressed down outside their home, admitting jokingly how unprecedented times call for "more drinking."

In the video shared to Nocking Point's official YouTube and cross-posted to Kutcher's Twitter with an alternate take, the parents of two — 5-year-old daughter, Wyatt and 3-year-old son, Dimitri — shared how during the pandemic and quarantining orders, they have been engaging in virtual hangouts with friends, while also looking for ways to help amid the national emergency that has found millions without work. Along the way of their creative thinking, the two came up with the idea for the social idea of wine.

Stemming from the two simply trying to "reconnect" amid the crisis, Kutcher goes on to share how the two have been "working hard on is helping out a lot of charities, so we've been finding charities that are focusing on getting PPE into the country." Kunis adds that it is important to consider the families affected by the coronavirus, including those who are seeking ways to feed their children and "assisting" those that have lost their jobs, which got the two really embarking on the idea.

"Mila came up with Quarantine Wine," The Ranch star admitted in the video. "We partnered with our friends at Nocking Point who make a bunch of different wines that we really like. Mila came up with the design and the labeling and the idea" with 100 percent of the proceeds going to charity.

The website reveals the the idea came about a few weeks ago with Kutcher and Kunis called up co-founder, Andrew Harding of Knocking Point. With the need for helping others and raising proceeds for multiple COVID-19 responses efforts, the team sprang into action and began sourcing the best available blends, while digging into how they can breathe life into Kutcher's label design and creative vision.

With the two interjecting in playful and sweet banter, Kutcher later adds how he would like to "share this first virtual toast with" fans. "On the bottle it's an interactive label, so you can write, it says, 'Toasting to,' and then you can write whoever you want to toast to," he said. "Whether it's a friend that you're sharing an evening with or somebody who's doing something great."

"Or by yourself, because you're at home with your damn kids that you love so much," Kunis said, to which her husband replied, "Yeah, it can just be a toast to getting through the day. How about that?"


Made with a vintage blend from 2018, the wine is 100 percent pinot noir, made in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Items will officially ship May 2020. The quarantine "pinot noir" is now available on Nocking Point's website and sells for $50 per two bottles, and $40 on a member club price.

As noted by the couple, 100 percent of the profits are going to four charities, GiveDirectly (gives cash grants directly to families on SNAP in areas highest hit by COVID-19); Direct Relief (provides medical equipment/PPE to frontline workers and EMS workers); Frontline Responders Fund (buys and delivers PPE and ventilators to medical facilities); and America's Food Fund (a collaboration between Feeding America and World Central Kitchen, which ensures reliable and safe access to food in the US).