Arnold Schwarzenegger Accidentally Calls Son-in-Law Chris Pratt 'Chris Evans'

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger gets the various Hollywood Chrises mixed up, apparently. Schwarzenegger recently appeared on Instagram with his son-in-law Chris Pratt — however, he mistakenly called the actor "Chris Evans." The mixup has fans reeling all across social media.

"Hello, Chris Evans, oh not Chris Evans, sorry, I'm going to screw up this thing right from the beginning, Chris Pratt," Schwarzenegger said, as he joined Pratt for a telethon on Instagram Live. Pratt played it off as a joke, though fans could not make up their minds about whether or not it was scripted. Schwarzenegger continued: "I didn't look at the cue cards. Sorry about that. I should know your name, I should know your name. That's for sure. You're my favorite son-in-law." The conversation starts around the 1 hour and 12-minute mark if you want to see it for yourself.

"I'm your only son-in-law! I better be your favorite," Pratt answered. Pratt married Katherine Schwarzenegger in June of 2019 and has gotten close with her family. Schwarzenegger lent his star power to Pratt's fundraising campaign, "Feed Thy Neighbor," where he tried to raise money for food security amid the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant economic recession.

Whether he was joking with the name mixup or not, Schwarzenegger clearly likes having Pratt as a son-in-law. He later said: "I think the world of you, not just because you're my son-in-law, but also you're so giving and you think not only about yourself and your career, but also about other people."

Schwarzenegger was not the only A-lister to call into Pratt's live telethon last week. Other stars included Jamie Foxx, Bryce Dallas Howard, Zachary Levi, Tom Holland, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood and Robert Downey Jr. In just over two hours, they raised about $615,000 for the Greater Good charity.


Schwarzenegger has had nothing but nice things to say about Pratt since he and Katherine began seeing each other in June of 2018. At the time, Pratt was just months out of his marriage to actress Anna Faris, who was also in a new relationship of her own. Pratt and Katherine got engaged in January of 2019 and married soon after, and Schwarzenegger welcomed him to the family happily.

"Now [Katherine's] married an actor, and Chris is a fantastic guy and really easy to get along with," Schwarzenegger said last month during a virtual reunion of the cast of Kindergarten Cop. "So I'm really happy because he has been such a really wonderful, wonderful husband to her and such a great son-in-law."