Andy Dick Reportedly Arrested for Felony Domestic Battery After Physical Altercation With Liquor Bottle

Comedian Andy Dick has reportedly been arrested after he allegedly hit his partner with a liquor bottle. The 55-year-old star, who has since been released on bond, is now facing a charge of felony domestic battery in connection to the incident, which occurred on Monday, Nov. 8 at his Los Angeles home.

Police responded to Dick's Los Angeles home after an argument between the actor and his partner "escalated, and allegedly got physical," law enforcement sources told TMZ. During the incident, details of which are few, Dick allegedly smacked his partner in the head with a liquor bottle, leaving his partner with "a deep cut." Authorities reportedly found enough evidence at the scene to arrest Dick for felony domestic battery. The actor was not jailed for long, though, as he was released approximately three hours later after posting his $50,000 bond. Further details about the incident are not available at this time, though it reportedly marked the second time in the last two months police responded to the residence. Authorities reportedly showed up at the home in October after Dick allegedly "weaponized a frying pan."

Dick's Monday arrest comes just four months after he was taken into police custody on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the arrest to PEOPLE at the time, also confirming that Dick was later released on $50,000 bail. His fiancée at the time, Elisa Jordana, later spoke out about the incident, explaining that "there were signs that this was gonna happen." Jordana said that on the night of the incident, she and the Road Trip actor went out to dinner when he started behaving out of character. He began taking silverware, wine glasses, plates and asked for "a doggy bag that he could put all of that in." Jordana claimed that Dick got "into a fight with [another person]" that involved a metal chair. The incident left the other party hospitalized, with Jordana stating, "he could have killed him."

Dick has had several run-ins with the law in the past few years. In addition to his June arrest, Dick was sentenced to 14 days in jail in 2019 after failing to complete his community service for two misdemeanor charges — one for sexual battery and one for simple battery. Also in 2019, the actor was involved in a street fight with an Uber delivery driver. Just a year prior, Dick was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery after he allegedly groped an Uber driver.