An Infuriating Update on Matt Lauer Just Emerged

Lauer reportedly views himself as a 'victim.'

Six years after being embroiled in a sex abuse scandal, disgraced former morning TV show host Matt Lauer is reportedly seeking a return to the spotlight. Reports suggest that Lauer is "planning a comeback" following his dismissal from NBC amidst allegations of sexual misconduct.

"He's started to talk to people," a source told Us Weekly. "He's planning his next act, still very upset with how he was portrayed, and still feels like he was the victim." According to the insider, Lauer, 66, "wants to get back into the media," but is spending most of his time on Long Island at the moment. "He wants to be relevant again; what that is exactly is yet to be decided." It seems that Lauer believes "enough time has gone by," and he should be allowed back into the media fold.

After a female colleague accused him of inappropriate behavior in November 2017, the former Today host made headlines alongside a slew of other high-profile men implicated in the #MeToo movement. Ronan Farrow revealed the details about the alleged assault in the book Catch and Kill, published in 2019. Lauer has denied all accusations.

"He went from being the biggest guy out there, and now every headline [attached to him] is 'disgraced;' it's very painful for him to go out there with his girlfriend," the source told Us. "He's very thin skinned — don't expect an apology, he's the one who feels is owed an apology."

Years after the scandal first broke, Lauer continues to make headlines. Recently, Lauer attended Don Lemon's April 6 wedding in New York City with his girlfriend Shamin Abas. The insider revealed that this was Lauer's method of "testing the waters" through various public appearances as part of his strategy to return to the public eye.

Despite Lauer and Abas' on-and-off relationship since 2019, "now they're very much on," the source disclosed to Us. "He wants to show that he's in a stable relationship. He's not a playboy. He has a stable life."

Lauer was previously married to Annette Roque for more than 20 years prior to their divorce due to Lauer's 2017 scandal. Lauer and Roque share three children: Jack, 22, Romy, 20, and Thijs, 17.

"He is on good terms with his kids, which was the most important thing for him," the source shared. "This was not always the case post-divorce but now he's good with the kids." Currently, Lauer is focused on "building the foundation for a comeback." According to the insider, "He's not going off into the sunset."