Alyssa Milano Calls out Donald Trump Over Joe Scarborough Conspiracy Tweet

Alyssa Milano is no stranger to being outspoken. She has made herself a vocal member of the #MeToo movement, is a critical voice against Donald Trump and his supporters, and is always entering the battlefield of social media. Milano has proven that she's not going to back down, delivering some prime examples this weekend.

In between battling trolls and critics over her crocheted face mask amid the coronavirus pandemic, Milano took a moment to share her disgust over President Trump's tweets. The specific offense was Trump's insistence on spreading the unfounded conspiracy theory about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and a murder involving his intern from 2001. Referring to the former congressman as "Cold Case Joe," Trump has blasted the MSNBC host who once supported him and continues to spread misinformation on social media.

Milano retweeted the president's message on Saturday night, chastising the message while urging people to get out and vote in November.

"It's very hard to believe the president of the United States would tweet something like the below tweet. But here we are," Milano said above the retweet. "This is ur reminder to register to vote. If you think you're registered already check your registration & request a mail-in ballot."

Her response is fitting because Trump also lashed out at the idea of mail-in ballots in November, something he claims is full of fraud. These claims have not validated and Trump has provided no evidence to support himself.

Milano has supported herself quite a bit this weekend after the debut of her face mask. Not only did she quickly address her critics online, showing that the mask had a filter in its front and others wore similar masks.

"A—holes, mask has a carbon filter in it. So, yes, it might be crochet but totally safe," Milano tweeted to her detractors after going viral. Still, this didn't stop people from tweeting at her or dropping sarcasm into her timeline.


As for Trump, he spent most of his Saturday and part of Sunday golfing. He faced his own criticism from people who feel his focus should be on the coronavirus pandemic and the nearly 100,000 dead. He did not respond to this criticism, focusing more time on Scarborough instead.