Alyssa Milano Claps Back at Navy SEAL Who Shot Osama Bin Laden After He Called out Her Knit Mask

Alyssa Milano is not taking critiques on her crocheted face mask, not even from Navy SEAL Robert J. O'Neill. O'Neill gained acclaim for being the man who shot and killed Osama bin Laden in 2011, and has since remained a public figure and occasional news pundit. He was among those criticizing Milano's loose-knit mask on Twitter this weekend.

Milano became the center of mockery starting on Saturday when she posted a selfie from her car where she and her family all wore face masks. Milano's mask was crocheted from yarn, and Twitter was quick to point out that the holes in the material would allow COVID-19 particles to spread quickly if she or someone else was infected. O'Neill was among them, tweeting a snarky: "There are holes in your mask, love."

Milano gave O'Neill the same response she gave to other critics, writing that she had put a carbon filter inside of the mask for the true filtration. The crochet, it turned out, was a stylistic choice. For those that still doubted, Milano later shared a screenshot of the Amazon listing for a bulk order of disposable carbon filters, which she claimed were lining the inside of her mask.

The filters like the ones Milano shared on Twitter are typically included with certain kinds of cloth masks, meant to be replaced after every use to cut down on how often the masks need washing. Some critics continued to argue that Milano was not using the filters, insisting she was lying about the composition of her mask to save face. Eventually, Milano stopped responding to the jeers.

Milano later hinted that her mother had made the crochet mask herself. As for a reason for her family's emergency masked trip out, she wrote: "loaded in the car to get the kids tested for antibodies." Fans commiserated with the fears of parenting through this global crisis.


Milano is married to David Bugliari, an agent at Creative Arts Agency. The two dated for a year before marrying in December of 2008. Their son was born in August of 2011, while their daughter was born in September of 2014, making them eight and five years old, respectively. The family lives in a sprawling property in Bell Canyon, California, with several pets and other animals, including horses.

The incident is not the first time Milano has come under heavy criticism in recent memory. After positioning herself at the forefront of the #MeToo Movement, Milano recently cast doubt on the sexual assault allegations against presidential candidate Joe Biden. This has caused other celebrity activists like Rose McGowan to call her "a fraud." Milano continues to champion Biden for president in 2020.