Alyssa Milano Reveals Her Children Are Being Tested for Coronavirus Antibodies While Responding to Mask Photo Critic

On Saturday, Alyssa Milano revealed the face mask that she's been wearing amidst the coronavirus pandemic. While her photo drew ire due to the mask's material (She later explained that the cover was crocheted and had a carbon filter attached.), it also attracted more than a few fiery responses because it also appeared to showcase Milano and her family traveling somewhere. But, the Insatiable star didn't waste any time in setting the record straight.

The photo in question featured Milano, her husband Dave Bugliari, and the couple's two children, Eliabella and Milo in the car. One Twitter user responded to the photo to tell the actor that they didn't think the issue was with Milano's homemade mask but was the fact that they were traveling somewhere amidst the pandemic. They even wrote, "Stay Home, unless It's an emergency or you are essential please stay home. Podcasts & Instagram posts are not essential. Stay Home!" But, in response to their tweet, Milano explained that the family was actually in the car so that her kids could get tested for antibodies, and her post effectively shut down any further criticism regarding the matter.

As previously mentioned, Milano's photo sparked a ton of conversation amongst Twitter users. In particular, many users noted that the actor, unlike the rest of her family, appeared to be sporting a crocheted face mask. This aspect prompted many to question whether her face covering would be effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus due to its makeup. However, many of the responses, including one from Milano herself, cleared up any confusion over the issue. She wrote, "A—holes, mask has a carbon filter in it. So, yes, it might be crochet but totally safe." In another message, she noted once again that her mask has a carbon filter in it and wrote that her mom actually makes them. Her message came alongside the hashtag, "#WearAMask."

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, Milano has been outspoken regarding how individuals can keep themselves safe. She's even been vocal about how President Donald Trump can keep American citizens safe, as well. In late March, as the pandemic continued to surge in many parts across the nation, she urged the president to convert his hotels into coronavirus hospitals until the crisis is over. Of course, considering that Milano has been extraordinarily active in the political sphere in recent years, the reaction to her message was mixed.