Rose McGowan Attacks Alyssa Milano for Dismissing Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegations

Alyssa Milano went on Andy Cohen's talk show on Sirius XM where she explained her silence regarding the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. She shared the interview on her Twitter, where she wrote that she was still endorsing Biden in his campaign to be the Democratic representative for the 2020 election. This comes after Milano started the #MeToo conversation and shared her own history in dealing with sexual assault.

In the interview, Milano noted that she would not feel comfortable "throwing away a decent man that I've known for 15 years in this time of complete chaos without there being a thorough investigation." Biden was accused by multiple women of inappropriate touching previously, including a former Biden staffer named Tara Reade who said the former Delaware governor sexually assaulted her in 1993. With Milano spearheading the movement, hearing her showing support for Biden caught Rose McGowan off guard.

"You are a fraud," McGowan wrote on Twitter. "This is about holding the media accountable. You go after Trump & Kavanaugh saying Believe Victims, you are a lie. You have always been a lie. The corrupt DNC is in on the smear job of Tara Reade, so are you. SHAME."

Continuing in her interview with Cohen, Milano shared that she wasn't aware of Reade's allegations as quickly as others had been at the time of her story coming out.

"I had not publicly said anything about this- if you remember, it kind of took me a long time to say anything about Harvey [Weinstein] as well -- because I believe that even though we should believe women," Milano said. "That does not mean at the expense of giving men their due process and investigating situations... It's got to be fair in both directions."


Following her tweet promoting the Sirius XM interview, Milano further clarified the stance she echoed in her radio appearance. This occurred after social media took to her tweet to express their opinions, many of which were against what she had said.

"There is something to the idea that people are going to weaponize #metoo for political gain," Milano followed up. "Just look at the replies here and look to see who those accounts are supporting in the primary. There always needs to be a thorough vetting of accusations."