How Ally Brooke Is Spending the Holidays After Release of First Christmas Song (Exclusive)

Ally Brooke just released her first Christmas song, 'Baby, I'm Coming Home,' as she gears up for [...]

Ally Brooke just released her first Christmas song, "Baby, I'm Coming Home," as she gears up for the holiday season and is thrilled to be spending quality time with her family over the next several weeks. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant is also finding ways to help those in need this year, especially with the coronavirus still in play. In an exclusive interview with, Brooke details how she and her family plan to spend their time together and discussed how social media will help feed families across America throughout the holidays.

"I plan on being with my family," the singer said. "Hopefully, we'll be able to do that in a good way and safe way. That's really what it's all about for me. We're tight-knit, and I love our traditions, everything from baking with my dad to making tamales with my family, and hopefully being able to continue to sing."

The 27-year-old just released her first original Christmas song and is thrilled for fans to have one more tune to enjoy. "It's my very first original Christmas song, so I'm super excited about it, and my family loves it, my fans love it, and I hope that a lot more people love it too!' she said humbly. She's also starring in her first film, which is the reason why she hasn't been able to watch much of Dancing with the Stars this season because she "was actually in Atlanta filming my very first movie, which was just so, it was so incredible and special."

Brooke also released her first book, Finding Your Harmony: Dream Big, Have Faith, and Achieve More..., so she's been quite the busy businesswoman, but she's still finding ways to spread joy and love this Christmas. She recently teamed up with TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods for their #CarolForACause campaign that benefits Feeding America to help provide meals for families in need this year. "For me, it's all about family and love and joy and really spreading that," she started when asked why this was a must for her. "And I know that this year, of course, looks different for all of us, but the awesome thing is being a le to use social media to connect us all."

From Nov. 17 to Dec. 27, fans can look forward to Brooke, along with other big-named celebrities, posting on her Instagram Reel singing her favorite holiday carol. This effort is also something fans can partake in as well. As long as they use the hashtag #CarolForACause, $10 will be donated to Feeding America — which is equivalent to 100 meals — and they will continue to donate up to $1 million. "I think that's so awesome to be apart of that, and I'm a fan of the stores, I've been going with my mom since forever, and I still do whenever I can. So, it was literally a perfect opportunity." For more on Ally Brooke and your other favorite celebrities, keep it right here at