'All My Children' Star Cady McClain Explains Abrupt 2007 Firing, Character Dixie's Pancake Death

If there's one thing former All My Children actress Cady McClain has learned, it's that pancakes put her in place. During a virtual cast reunion, McClain revealed that her odd death by pancakes was more of a jab by an unnamed writer who was out to put her in her place. "I'll never live those pancakes down," she admitted, adding how "strange" it was to go out like that, but she knew it was more personal behind-the-scenes.

"It was a dig at me by one of the writers that very much wanted to put me in my place," she said in the video according to EW. "I had stepped out of line and they wanted to put me back in line, and I was going to eat those pancakes and I was going to learn my lesson, and I certainly did." While maybe some would be upset to go out in such an unusual way, the 50-year-old confessed she actually found pleasure in it, seemingly lacking resentment. "My revenge I guess was that I really love pancakes, and they were absolutely delicious, so I enjoyed every bite. I was like, 'This doesn't bother me because I'm gonna eat 'em all."

It appears as there were no hard feelings in the process, the popular soap actually offered her the opportunity to announce she was leaving by choice instead of revealing the truth that she had been fired. After she left, that wasn't the last of her character though. She did come back as a ghost, and it was later stated that her character Dixie was in fact alive. After the daytime show was canceled by ABC in 2011, McClain was able to sit next to her former co-workers during the show's revived web-series. "The show has just gotten under so many people's skin. It got under my skin, like family," she said. "[I had] the joy of reconnecting and seeing all of your faces and just being so grateful for the time that we had together."


One former castmate of AMC is Kelly Ripa, who played the role of Hayley Vaughn, and she credits the show to changing her life. "It changed my life. It changed my entire life — not just acting life, but changed the whole trajectory of my life," she told the outlet. She noted how she was not like her co-stars, many who were already successful working actors. "I truly moved to New York and I was working at the Toy Fair and I auditioned sort of on a whim. I was originally dropping off other people's head shots, because [that was] my side hustle."