Celebrities Behind Bars This Christmas

Some of America's celebrities won't be trimming the tree or unwrapping gifts this Christmas, as they're stuck in jail or prison. A look at some of those on the naughty list who are spending the holiday behind bars.

Martin Shkreli: The former hedge fund CEO, convicted on two counts of securities fraud in August, is still sitting comfortably in Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. He's expected in court for sentencing on Jan. 16.

The pharmaceutical mogul could probably make bail no problem, but the judge revoked this right when he posted on Facebook offering $5,000 for a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair. The judge perceived this as solicitation of assault.

Still, jail isn't all bad for Shkreli. According to a report by TMZ, he has access to a pretty decent commissary. The former CEO could pick himself up some New Balance sneakers as a Christmas gift for $54.60, or a pair of Nike Overplay IXs for $67.60. He could even pick up a Radio for just $48.65 if he's really in the holiday spirit.

Meek Mill: The rapper is serving two to four years for his fourth parole violation. He's also being sued by the family of Jaquan Graves, who was killed outside of a Meek Mill concert in Connecticut in December of 2016.

Mill is doing his time in Correctional Institution in Chester, Pennsylvania. If he has the cash on him, the rapper could treat himself to a few holiday amenities as well. He has the option to buy a bathrobe for $23.60, and a pair of Timerland boots for $92.65. The real temptation is the RCA flat screen TV, which is available to him for $242 if he wants it. It comes with a remote, though he may not need it depending on the size of his cell.

Abby Lee Miller: She is about halfway done with her sentence at Victorville Federal Correctional Institute in Victorville, CA. The former Dance Moms star started her 366 day sentence for bankruptcy fraud in July, though precedent suggests she'll be out by the end of April. Miller got herself into hot water by hiding over three quarters of a million dollars from the U.S. government.

Miller is missing out on some of the finer points of prison life. Her commissary stocks replica G Shock watches for $9.10, sunglasses for $7.60, and chess sets for $14.30. Still, if Miller is thinking of grabbing herself a Christmas present, it's the thought that counts.


El Chapo: Of course, the infamous international drug kingpin remains in the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center. The won't be seeing the outside world for quite some time, but he can purchase a few things to keep himself busy. The marketplace on the inside offers him thermal clothes for $17, and watches for $19.95.

He can also buy an mp3 player, which is full of music and educational audio material that's monitored by the prison, for $88.40. How he'll afford these things is hard to say, as most of his money has been confiscated.