Adam Levine's Shirtless Workout Leaves Fans Aching for 'The Voice' Return

Adam Levine's looking to drop some weight along with several celebrities after a year of quarantine. However, his shirtless workouts have fans not only begging for more but a The Voice return. The Maroon 5 singer unexpectedly left the hit NBC singing competition in 2019.

Levine's trainer Austin Pohlen, who's been working with the singer since August, posted to his Instagram to share how proud he is of the 42-year-old, who has a goal to get down to the weight he was when he married model Behati Prinsloo. "I'm d— proud of [Adam Levine] and the work he's put in," Pohlen wrote alongside a video of the singer shirtless. "We've been dialing in a lot of core work and consistently going heavier in weights each week."

According to E!, the two inquire squats, weights, and medicine ball workouts into their routine, and sometimes the singer does a workout with his wife. His trainer revealed the goals that Levine has moved forward, and that's to "get down to, like, his weight that he was at when he married Behati." He added, "So that's the current goal to get down to that weight and get him back to feeling like he did at that time. We just reached it. So, we're there now. And now we'll probably start putting on a little bit more muscle."

While the physical transformation is a big part of why Levine does it, he did admit in 2015 that without "yoga and working out," he'd be a "mess." He said: "I like the way I look when I work out. I'm not doing it to be vain — thought that's part of it. But it feels so good. I'm happy all the f—ing time."


Another celebrity aiming to whip into shape is Will Smith. In May, Smith posted a shirtless photo of himself admitting while he loves his body, he's the most out of shape he's ever been, all thanks to quarantine snacks. When the world was forced to shut down in 2020, it knocked many people off their normal routines, forcing them to stay inside. As a result, everyone snacked more, and Smith admits all the late-night muffins are what got him to where he's at. But now that he's dedicated to shedding a few pounds to feel better again, he's started a trend in Hollywood with several other big names following.