Ace Hood and His Wife Shelah Marie Nail the 'Buss It Challenge' in New Video

Rapper Ace Hood and his wife, Shelah Marie, got in on the latest TikTok trend — the Buss It Challenge. On Instagram, Marie posted a video of her engaging in this trend, which involves the individual looking, for lack of a better word, "busted," before transitioning into a chic look while literally busting out their best dance moves. As seen in the video that Marie posted of her take on the Buss It Challenge, her husband even got in on the fun.

In Marie's video, she first appears in a low-key ensemble as Nelly's classic "Hot in Here" line, "Checking your reflection and telling your best friend, 'Girl, I think my butt getting big,'" plays. The song then transitions into "Buss It" by rapper Erica Banks (the song samples "Hot in Here" throughout the track). When the song transitions, Marie also changes up her look, as she can be seen donning a yellow top and black shorts as she twerks along to the song. Her husband, Ace, then joins in on the Buss It Challenge himself as he dances alongside his wife in the fun video.

Marie and Ace's take on the Buss It Challenge comes a couple of weeks after they celebrated Christmas in an incredibly special way. According to Revolt, Marie gave her husband a very thoughtful Christmas present to celebrate his recent success as a fully independent artist. She gifted him two plaques to commemorate his successes over the past few years. One of the plaques is dedicated to his 2017 album Trust the Process, which has nabbed over 100,000,000 streams, and another was for Trust the Process II: Undefeated, which has garnered over 78,000,000 streams.

"When @acehood was last on a major recording label they were excellent about celebrating wins. Ace has so many plaques in the house from that era. Since Ace went independent, he hasn’t received any plaques for his projects. Ace is too damn talented not to have his flowers while he can smell them," Marie explained on Instagram, captioning a photo and a video of Ace opening his gift, during which he became emotional. "I got plaques made for his first two releases (Trust The Process 1 & 2) since going independent because in this house we don’t wait on the validation we want — we give it ourselves. I love you @acehood."