Aaron Carter Wears NSYNC Shirt, Slams Backstreet Boys Fans: 'Bye Bye Bye'

One might think the brother of a Backstreet Boy would only wear that band's attire if he's going to walk around sporting a boy band shirt. That's not the case for Aaron Carter, the younger brother to '90s teen heartthrob Nick Carter.

In an Instagram video, Carter is seen wearing an *NSYNC shirt as he sings the lyrics to their famous "Bye Bye Bye" song.

It doesn't stop there though. Carter points out the obvious in his caption writing, "Is that an [*NSYNC] shirt?" as he proceeds to insult fans of his brother's band.

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Is that an @nsync shirt? - - Bye bye bye to all you rude foul muthafuckin BSB fans! I ain’t the one. 🖕🏼

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Follower responses were all over the place, with some in support of his remarks and others ready to take aim at the 31-year-old.

"That was a little flat at the End," one person wrote commenting on his singing. Someone else said, "Meanwhile.... Nick is living his best life cashing BIGGER checks, and not making stupid post like this probably paying no mind to you."

Another follower mentioned, "Wow he really wants attention," while another fan paid no mind to anything but they fact that they too are an *NSYNC fan posting, "*NSYNC was my life!"

This isn't the first time Carter has dissed the Backstreet Boys and his brother, piling in via rants he's posted lately making threats and trying to convince fans he's drug free and is in the healing process. That said, in one of his most recent posts to Instagram, he reached out the FBI while accusing his older brother of raping a 91-year-old woman.


"Hey [FBI] my brother raped Mildred and told me in confidence in his pick up truck she was 91 years old and my brother told me he covered her mouth so no one could hear her scream," Carter wrote in the post alonside a video of their 2006 reality show, House of Carters. "Put me on a polygraph machine please [FBI] my mother knows she was taking care of two elderly women who were on hospice Mildred and opal who my mother was keeping alive. [FBI] what are you gonna do about that!? NOTHING! ? I'm REPORTING A RAPE FROM NICK ON SN ELDERLY WOMEN WHO WAS DYING AND WAS 91 that he raped. Strap nick up to a polygraph machine and a really good one please."

There has been no official indication that the claims are being investigated.