Aaron Carter Reveals How His Broken Jaw Led to Opioid Addiction

Aaron Carter has previously spoken candidly about his opioid addiction, and now the singer has [...]

Aaron Carter has previously spoken candidly about his opioid addiction, and now the singer has revealed how his broken jaw is what led to his struggles. In a clip from Carter's episode of E! True Hollywood Story, the now 31-year-old recalled the time he got into a fight and wound up with a broken jaw, which prompted his doctor to prescribe him oxycodone. However, he also revealed that once he didn't need them anymore, he was hooked and couldn't stop.

"The show always must go on," Aaron says. "I had to take a painkiller to even sing. But I did find myself, OK, healed from the jaw and still taking the medication."

Eventually, people began to notice. "Everybody thought, 'Oh my god, he has AIDS, he's a crackhead, he's a methhead.' That's when I realized, OK, either you get your s— together or you make the decision to slowly die," he said.

Back in 2018, Carter spoke with ET and exclusively revealed to the outlet that he has stopped using opioids. "I'm very healthy, emotionally stable, and a lot more in tune with myself and my feelings," he stated. "I'm blessed with my health. I'm a healthy man."

He then went on to explain that he'd quit the drugs, saying he "stopped all of it," then adding, "Even when I got out of treatment, they had me on certain things, and I stopped all of it. I didn't want to be on anything."

The outlet inquired about a PTSD prescription that he had previously confirmed he'd been taking, to which Carter replied, "Yeah, but I dealt with a lot of things, and I have a different mentality when it comes to certain things. I believe willpower is a very important thing and with treatment sometimes, they don't believe in that."

ET also asked Carter about whether or not alcohol addiction was something he struggles with, and he asserted that it is not, saying that he rarely partakes.

"I was never a drinker," he said, later adding that while does not normally drink, has on occasion. "Sometimes. I was never somebody who drank themselves to getting blackout drunk."

The one thing that Carter refused to give up, however, was marijuana. "I still smoke weed ... Not every day. But it's pretty much a ritual," he said, adding, "When I went through the treatment process, I told everybody there, 'I'm gonna be smoking weed still.' I like smoking weed. I find it a very zen thing."

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