Kaley Cuoco Reacts to Backlash After She Calls out Assistant for Ordering Mushrooms in Her Lunch

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco found herself in a bit of hot water after she posted an Instagram Story recently that took aim at her assistant, Emma. On the social media site, Cuoco recounted to fans, in what seemed to be a joking manner, that the lunch that her assistant ordered for her came with mushrooms, a food item that she isn't fond of. And now, after experiencing some backlash to her video, Cuoco has addressed the matter, which has been dubbed "#MushroomGate2020."

This whole drama started when Cuoco took to her Instagram Story to explain that she gave her assistant the day off and only asked that she order her usual lunch, salmon and veggies, during said day off. Although, the drama kicked up when the actor showcased her lunch, which came with an unfortunate amount of mushrooms. Cuoco noted that she had to throw the mushrooms, which she said had touched the salmon, in the trash outside because she detests them that much. She even addressed her assistant directly, by saying (jokingly), "crisis averted. Emma, I hope you're enjoying your day off."

Even though Cuoco appeared to be joking about the incident, the whole matter didn't sit right with fans. As a result of the backlash to her Instagram Story, the actor once again took to social media to address the issue herself.

"I've been informed the public is upset with me for outing my trusty assistant for accidentally ordering mushrooms last week," Cuoco began on her Instagram Story, as The Blast noted. "As saddened as I was for seeing a mushroom in my lunch, this does not reflect my true feelings for my wonderful asst @emmamadelineross."

"I would like to get to the bottom of this and be, like, a real news reporter. I want to get right to the source," she continued, panning the camera over to her assistant, Emma.

"Emma, are you upset with me that I outed you with regards to the mushrooms?" Cuoco asked.


"Well, it's really great to know that there are some people supporting me in this trying time," Emma replied, getting in on the #MushroomGate2020 fun. "Honestly, the hardest thing is that I have to eat salmon every day."

"Oh now @emmamadelineross is claiming to be upset she has to eat salmon every day because I do. For the record, I don't force Emma to eat salmon," Cuoco noted, determined to set the record straight.