'Big Bang Theory' Star Kaley Cuoco Under Fire for Calling out Her Personal Assistant Over Mushroom in Her Lunch

Former Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is facing backlash for slamming her assistant after discovering a mushroom in her lunch. In a series of videos uploaded to her Instagram Story on Saturday, the actress, who is currently filming the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, revealed that the upsetting mishap had occurred after she gave her assistant Emma the day off because she's "extremely nice to the people that I work with."

Explaining that she orders the same lunch every day, "salmon and veggies," Cuoco said that "anyone that knows me knows that I hate mushrooms. If I see one, I really lose my appetite."

Calling Emma out by name, Cuoco proceeded to grab her meal, using her fork to hold up a single mushroom.

"The salmon looks so beautiful, but that touched it," she continued in another clip. "I don't know if I can eat this, you guys. I can probably pick around it. There's actually two."

"Okay, I picked out the lone mushrooms. I've tossed them in a trashcan that's not in my dressing room, because if they're in my dressing room, I'll know they're here, and I can't," she updated fans in another video. "The salmon looks okay. Even though the mushroom touched the salmon, I'm going to eat it, because it looks really beautiful. But, um, crisis averted. Emma, I hope you're enjoying your day off."

The saga immediately ignited a firestorm of backlash, many taking to social media to criticize Cuoco and come to Emma's defense.

"So here's the thing - not only do I not think she's kidding, but this is so f–ing passive aggressive and deranged, that it also shows how hopelessly out of touch Kaley Cuoco is," wrote one person. "Girl, you need to get a f–ing grip."

"Given how much of a spoiled baby kaley cuoco clearly is, it's obvious she's not deathly allergic otherwise rest assured she would have explained this AT LENGTH to her followers and whined about oh boohoo my assistant tried to kill me," tweeted another. "She's just being a complete child."


"Even if she's joking......... no," commented somebody else.

Alerted to the backlash, Cuoco later took to her Instagram Story to assure fans that "this does not reflect my true feelings for my wonderful asst [Emma Ross]."