Kaley Cuoco Gets Frank About Husband Karl Cook Sharing Unapproved Photos on Social Media

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco revealed that not every photo husband Karl Cook shares on his Instagram page has been officially sanctioned by her. That would likely explain how he got away with sharing several embarrassing photos and a video on their one-year anniversary. Cuoco teased that eventually, Cook will realize he should not be posting photos of his wife sleeping.

“No, he’s his own man." Cuoco joked about Cook's Instagram posts in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "He makes his own Instagram decisions. He’s bold.”

“Well, he doesn’t ask me before he posts them, so…" she continued. "He just, he loves a good sleeping picture. Not Sleeping Beauty, like he loves a [real sleeping photo], and he loves to take a picture from down here. It’s his favorite thing to do. He’s just funny.”

Lake Bell, who sat next to Cuoco in the interview, chimed in that by "year six" he will eventually know not to do that.

"Yeah, right now it’s kind of cute," Cuoco agreed.

Despite the Instagram flubs, Cuoco said she enjoys being married to the equestrian.

“Yeah, we’re having a blast. He’s the best," she said. "Other than our, obviously, Instagram feud, we’re doing really well."

Cook has not shared any photos on Instagram lately, but his last post featuring Cuoco was an overload of embarrassing moments. On June 30, he marked their one-year anniversary by sharing awkward photos of Cuoco, including one of her sleeping.

"Everyone posts wedding pictures amongst other idealized images on their anniversary, not me, these are images of my gorgeous wife I remember... I love you [Cuoco]," he wrote in the caption.

Cook also posted a photo of Cuoco wearing huge bifocals on June 1, joking, "Don’t worry my wife [Cuoco] remembered to bring her bifocals out on our date night. She was none [too] pleased about my bifocal documentation."

However, the most awkward photo was his May 23 post, which showed Cuoco's behind covered in dirt.

"It looks a wee bit like [Cuoco] pooped herself today, the general gluteal region has a rather fecal tint to it that couldn’t be less subtle. I love you so much honey," he wrote.

Cuoco is best known for playing Penny on The Big Bang Theory for 12 seasons. She earned a Teen Choice Awards nomination for Choice Comedy TV Actress. The other nominees are Candace Cameron Bure (Fuller House); Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin); Nina Dobrev (Fam); and Yara Shahidi (black-ish).


Cuoco is also voicing the title character in the new animated series Harley Quinn, which will be released on the DC Universe streaming platform in October.

Photo credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images