Jenelle Evans Answers Burning Question 'Teen Mom 2' Fans Have About Her Father

Jenelle Evans recently answered some burning questions that Teen Mom 2 fans have had about her life, and one of those was involved her father. While doing a Q&A with followers on her Instagram Stories thread, Evans was asked, "Do you know your father? Is he also the father of your siblings?" The former reality TV star replied, "Yes, I know my father. Yes, he's the same dad as my brother and sister's. I haven't talked to him since I was 12."

Last month, another one of Evans' fans commented on another one of her estranged family members, after her sister made public statement that distanced her from Evans' recent legal drama.

"I am Ashleigh Evans Wilson. I’m nothing like my family," she began her statement. "I have a BA in Political science and English. I graduated pre-law school. I got accepted into pre-nursing school in the fall I’m also running my own housekeeping business on my own."

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(Photo: Jenelle Evans / Instagram)

"I own a house and I’m a single mom and have my s— together. I’m not trailer trash like the rest of my family," Wilson continued, according to Starcasm. "I might be going through a nasty divorce and which I will regain permanent custody, however if your a nosey person get off of my Facebook because I’m gonna block you mind your own business and move along."

"I don’t want to hear anything about my sister Jenelle because she will never regain permanent custody of her kids I have my own personal opinions on it, I keep that to myself so please mind your own business and let me live my life," Wilson's statement concluded.

In response, Evans tweeted out, "My sister is psycho y'all. Don't believe her. She doesn't know anything about my situation. I don't speak to her."

In addition to her comments on her father, Evans also answered questions about the state of her relationship with husband David Eason.

At one point, Evans was asked if "it was a hard decision" for her to "stay with David after the dog incident." She replied, "Honestly, yes, we were on bad terms for almost a week. Didn't talk much. He knows how upset it made me."


"Now that we are getting over this incident, our relationship has got a lot stronger," Evans added.

"David has completed anger management as well," she concluded her answer, then adding a pink heart emoji.