Rihanna's Stalker Avoids Jail Time After Guilty Plea

The man who was arrested for stalking Rihanna will not face jail time after pleading guilty.

According to The Blast, 27-year-old Eduardo Leon pleaded guilty to charges of stalking, vandalism, and resisting arrest on Wednesday, Feb. 6 after he was arrested in May of 2018 at the singer’s home. A first-degree residential burglary charge was dismissed.

Rihanna was also granted a criminal protection order against him.

Leon had faced up to six years in custody in connection to the crime.

While Leon’s plea saved him from spending any time behind bars, a judge sentenced him to five years’ probation and he has been ordered to take part in the county’s Office of Diversion and Reentry (ODR) program, which is designed for offenders “with mental health and/or substance use disorders, including persons who are homeless.”

Leon’s charges and his subsequent sentencing stems from his 2018 arrest, which was prompted after Rihanna’s assistant found him in the singer’s Los Angeles-area home. He had reportedly broken into the home after jumping a fence on the property and disabling the alarm system and spent 12 hours in the home before being discovered. During that time, he had slept, unpacked his bag, and charged his phone.

Leon was taken into police custody and charged with felony stalking, residential burglary, and trespassing, and a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. He told authorities that he broke into the home planning to have sex with Rihanna, though he claimed that he did not intend to use force. He had targeted a home earlier that month believing it be the singer’s.

Just months later, the singer was the victim of another home break-in, which prompted a police response after an alarm in the singer’s $6.8 million mansion was triggered.

“We were notified due to the sophisticated technology and security and surveillance systems here, of which her representatives have access to,” Los Angeles Police Department Captain Cory Palka said at the time. “And because of alarms and technology, they were notified while the crime was taking place.”


Rihanna had not been home at the time and it was not immediately known if any items had been taken from the house, though the culprits had left behind shattered glass from a back door of the home.

Following the incidents, Rihanna put the 7,130-square-foot mansion, boasting six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, up for sale in December for $7,372,475. She had purchased the home just a year-and-a-half earlier for an estimated $6,784,132.