‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama


‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama

'The View' Co-Host Meghan McCain Under Fire for Comments About How She 'Hates This Country' Without Her Father

Meghan McCain is getting backlash from fans after making a controversial comment related to her father Republican Sen. John McCain's death.

The View conservative panelist, known for her strong and unapologetic opinions turned some heads during an appearance on The Van Jones Show last weekend, when fans said her comments went a little too far.

During her appearance on the CNN show, McCain discussed where she believes the Republican party is regarding President Donald Trump, and also opened up about coping with the loss of her father.

One of her comments during the segment was not received well by viewers, as Good Housekeeping first reported.

"As an American, I hate this country without him in it," McCain told Jones of her father. "And I know that sounds awful. I don't hate America, but I just hate it without his leadership. And, I'm very sad all the time, and I'm struggling with that sadness."

She continued, saying that she "misses him in ways that she could never have fathomed" and always tries to do what she thinks he would've done.

"He'd say, 'We are McCains, and we don't feel sorry for ourselves and we're blessed. Get up and keep fighting, Meghan.' So, that's what I kind of do every day, and some days are better than others," she said.

Despite the fact she clarified her comments almost immediately, some fans did not like her saying that she "hates this country," and were offended by her words.

Some fans told The View co-host to "leave" if she didn't love America, while others even said they didn't think John would've approved of her comments.

Not all comments were hateful, as some commenters reached out in appreciation of her honesty and said they could relate her grief, and felt for her.


McCain recently shared how she's been dealing with her loss in an Instagram post where she reflected on 144 days since her father's death.

"144 days - missed my Dad all day today, been feeling so frustrated at the state of my grief process - wishing I would get sent some kind of sign or feeling things are going to get better," she wrote on the caption of an Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument sign. "Got into my car in midtown and looked out the window and saw this literal sign my car was parked next to...[cactus]."