What Is Johnny Depp's Net Worth

Johnny Depp is known for playing iconic roles for the past several decades, and his work has added up to a generous net worth.

Depp, 54, is well remembered as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Edward in Edward Scissorhands, and his stunning transformations have earned him a hefty net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Depp is worth an estimated $200 million, with an estimated salary of $20 million, though in some years that number has reached as high as $100 million.

Depp’s wealth is mostly earned from his acting career, which began in the 1980s when he scored several minor roles in films such as Nightmare on Elm Street and a starring role on TV series 21 Jump Street. His big break came in 1990, when he collaborated with Tim Burton to portray Edward in Edward Scissorhands. He has since gone on to portray a number of notorious and memorable characters, including the lead in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, earning him an Academy Award nomination, with his films grossing an estimated $3.4 billion.

Despite his huge net worth, Depp has found himself in financial troubles, with his former managers at The Management Group (TMG) filing an “action for judicial foreclosure" against the actor in November 2017, which could force Depp to sell five Los Angeles properties to pay off a $5 million loan from 2012. Depp ended up selling the last five of his penthouse units at the top of the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles for $1.425 million.

The legal drama brought to light some of Depp’s spending habits, including his tendency to spend $30,000 monthly on wine, $75 million on 14 residences, and $3 million to shoot Hunter S. Thompson's ashes out of a cannon. It was also revealed that the actor was giving $3,000 every month for the past nine years to a neighbor due to a property dispute.

Currently, Depp is surrounded by speculation that his health is on the decline after several images surfaced of him on tour with his band Hollywood Vampires.


Posing with several fans in St. Petersburg, Russia, the actor appeared "frail" and “ill,” some noting that he looked paler and like he had lost weight.

However, it is possible that Depp’s change in appearance is due to a transformation for a new role, as he currently has several films either still in production or in post-production and has been known to undergo drastic transformations in the past for a new role.