Johnny Depp Reportedly Paid Neighbor $320K Without Knowing

Johnny Depp's been in a lengthy legal battle over his finances, and one of the oddest debated financial discrepancies has resurfaced.

Depp has been battling The Management Group, his former managers, over a $40 million loan that he alleges was never authorized. The firm claims it was all cleared by Depp and that it was used to cover numerous extravagant expenses.

As The Inquisitr points out, among the alleged expenses is $320,000 paid to a neighbor of one of his numerous properties.

TMG paid the unnamed neighbor $3,000 a month over a property dispute, but Depp says he was never informed about the agreement between the two parties.

That adds up to nearly nine years of payments that Depp says he had no knowledge of.

Another similar dispute that's resurfaced is the one that TMG forgot to cancel a lease Depp had on a different property. That oversight cost Depp $350,000.

TMG has adamantly denied misusing Depp's funds.

While there's been a lot of back and forth between the warring parties, the court is said to hear their cases on Aug. 15.