Miley Cyrus Transforms Into Showgirl for New Magazine Spread

Miley Cyrus was chosen for the cover of the Spring 2018 issue of Wonderland magazine, and the resulting photoshoot sees the star doing her best showgirl impression, donning a variety of glamorous pieces in a series of pink-hued shots.

In the snaps, shot by Ellen von Unwerth, Cyrus wears a series of pink gowns, some satin, some ruffled and all stylish.

She also poses with a variety of props including balloons, phones, pink sunglasses and a bouquet of stuffed animals.

The entire shoot gives off a vintage vibe, accented by the singer's pin-curled hair.

"Pink isn't just a color," Cyrus wrote on Twitter. "It's an attitude."

In her interview with the magazine, Cyrus touched on multiple topics, including her infamous 2013 VMAs performance with Robin Thicke. Cyrus explained that the resulting attention made her realize that she wanted to use her fame for a bigger purpose.

"Not only was culture changed, but my life and career were changed forever," she said, via Just Jared. "It inspired me to use my platform for something much bigger. If the world is going to focus on me and what I am doing, then what I am doing should be impactful and it should be great. It encouraged me to be more involved, which then led me to start my own organization, which is the Happy Hippie Foundation. Itโ€™s dedicated to fighting injustice for vulnerable populations."

The 25-year-old, who shot to fame starring on Disney Channel's Hannah Montana, also shared that she's finished with acting for a while.

โ€œMy attention span doesnโ€™t love the idea of focusing and being on one project for so many months, especially being a character and not getting to be myself for that amount of time," she explained. "I get really deep into the characters I play, just like I do with music. So then it becomes hard for me to relate โ€” even to my family and friends โ€” Iโ€™m so deep into that character. So for right now, I am so content with where I am, being someone else doesnโ€™t sound that fun to me.โ€

During the interview, Cyrus also discussed Hillary Clinton, personal style and Elton John.


Wonderland's spring issue can be pre-ordered here and will be released in March.

Photo Credit: Ellen von Unwerth / Wonderland